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Acupuncture for Sleeping Disorders

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Try Acupuncture in North London that can aid restful sleep.

Why is good sleep important?

Sleep is essential for normal mental and physical functioning. It is vital to get enough sleep every night to be able to function at one's best. Sleep is a time for the brain

and body to engage in vigorous growth and repair. It helps restore our bodies, keeps our minds sharp, and increases our productivity. A good night's sleep keeps the

body healthy by balancing fluids, hormones, and blood sugar. Sleep plays a vital role in improving moods because it regulates serotonin levels, often low due to


As we age, the amount of sleep required by an individual varies. Several additional factors can affect an individual's need for sleep, but getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each

night in the adult years is recommended by doctors [1].

How can acupuncture help for sleeping disorders?

Think insomnia and restlessness hamper your ability to function each day? If you suffer from sleeping disorders and don't get enough quality sleep, it affects your health,

work productivity, and safety, compromising your overall well­being. You do not have to live like this! Your local Acupuncturist in North London can help by using the

holistic approach to provide natural care and create a noticeable change.

Soothing, calming and relaxing nature of Acupuncture for Sleeping Disorders can help restore the body's natural sleep rhythms for a more restful sleep. Each

acupuncture session at Virtue Acupuncture can improve your wellbeing, help you to relax and make you less anxious, effectively helping fall asleep relatively easier and

get better quality sleep.

What can I expect during my acupuncture appointment for sleeping?

1. Taking your medical history

Generally, your first acupuncture for sciatica consultation will be longer than follow­up sessions due to the initial interview. You will be asked questions about your

current symptoms and your health history.

During your initial interview, we will take a thorough case history looking into various areas of your life. The standard questionnaire may include medication, diet,

sleeping patterns, digestive and urinary functions, sexual function, menstrual period, emotional quality, and a basic level of stress questions.

We are here to listen to you and take your views into account, respecting your individuality and preferences. Please remember that this is also your time to

express your concerns and come up with questions at any time during the consultation. The follow­up sessions would usually take less time.

2. Body diagnosis

The body diagnosis comes after the initial interview. The main goal is to find the underlying cause of your sleeping disorder and treat it from the root. Taking the

pulse in both wrists is the cornerstone of any Chinese medicine diagnosis as it gives the practitioner information about your energetic body from the Chinese point

of view. That will take a minute or so, and you will experience it several times during and after the treatment.

3. Placing the needles

Having all the above information into account, the practitioner will make the diagnosis and proceed with the treatment, which will consist of the gentle insertion of

3 to 6 single­use sterile needles. It may also involve the use of moxibustion (the burning of a medical herb either directly on the body or indirectly from an inch or

so away). Needles will stay for about 20 minutes, and the final removal of the needles is usually painless.

Do not wait! Get help with your sleeping disorder today!

No one is immune to the negative impacts of sleep deprivation. It's time to take back control of your life and start living it to the fullest with a great nights sleep! We understand what you are going through. We know your sleeplessness struggles, how bad you feel when you can't fall asleep at night, and how hard it is to stay awake during the day.

As an experienced Acupuncture Clinic, we are dedicated to providing customized acupuncture sessions for sleeping disorders for you in a welcoming and hygienic environment that can aid restful sleep. Please get in touch today for more information or schedule your acupuncture for sleeping disorders appointment in North London.


Trusted sources: [1] Sleep Foundation


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