It's hard for me to put into words how great Nazan's treatments are. Nazan is a great person - so committed to and passionate about what he does. He cares about you and about your well-being. A while ago, I suffered from (temporary) insomnia and didn't sleep for days. I asked Nazan for help and with one treatment, I slept well that same night. Lately, he successfully readjusted my sleeping patterns and helped me regain my energy levels - something I've been getting concerned about for some time. Our monthly meetings are like counselling for me and I always look forward to them. Everyone should try acupuncture with Nazan.


Nazan's sensitivity and accurate practice is absolutely fascinating. Better than swallowing a pill and hoping for results in an hour or months, your body reveals its secret connections.
Nazan tells you where he puts the needles, and within minutes the change is perceptible, and very often somewhere else on the energy route.
The long term improvements may not be as spectacular, but they are absolutely here!

It is the first time I could actually notice the effect of acupuncture, and no drugs would have given me back a more natural sleeping pattern.


At the advice of a friend, I went for a treatment to Nazan, and had a lovely experience. I had never tried acupuncture before, and didn't quite know what to expect. Nazan was kind, communicative and reassuring before the appointment, and I immediately felt at ease upon my arrival as well. The environment was friendly, clean and extremely relaxing. Moreover, the procedure was carefully explained and very competently carried out. I was impressed with Nazan's ability to quickly identify stress points, and felt wonderfully centered and balanced following. I would be very happy to go back, and highly recommend Nazan to anyone interested in trying, or continuing, acupunture treatment.


Received a great and very relaxed treatment from Nazan, he was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I wasn't sure what to expect as I had never had acupunture before, but he made me feel at ease and I felt much better after the treatment.


I wanted to say a few words about the treatments I had recently with Nazan. As someone who had not experienced acupuncture before I had a limited view on what to expect, though I went to see Nazan for a specific need and problem. He listened to my issues, asked insightful questions to test my own assumptions and to give him maximum information to create a treatment that was specific to me and why I was there.

As someone who is not wholly familiar with therapies and healing of this nature, I felt Nazan gave me time to understand what was happening, what he was doing and gave me useful advice so I have the opportunity to self-manage in the future.

And most importantly I believe in the sessions I had, Nazan helped me.

I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for treatments that are made for you, responding to your needs


Finally I got to sleep.
After suffering from insomnia for months, I had two treatments with Nazan, and I am sleeping as a baby.
With less than four scary needles, which are not so scary anymore! my life has changed.

Thank you Nazan for my sweet dreams, and early mornings without feeling tired and sleepy


Thank you so much for the wonderful acupuncture session. I found your tailored and specific techniques very effective and fascinating, and instantly felt more balanced and relaxed after only a few needles. I very much look forward to my next session soon :-) Thank you.


I had a fall and felt very bruised and ungrounded. After the Acupuncture treatment I felt instantly more stable. My energy felt lighter and brighter all around.


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